Correspondência Enviada ao Mr. Gerald, CEO da Maple Bear Canadá, sobre Instalação da Escola Maple Bear na Rua Major Rubens Vaz

04 jun 20

Caros moradores,

Confiram, na integra, correspondência enviada ao Mr. Gerald, CEO da Maple Bear Canadá, sobre instalação da Escola Maple Bear na Rua Major Rubens Vaz:

Dear Mr Rodney Briggs and Mr Gerald Macleod

Mapple Bear

“Empathy and social impact go hand in hand right now,” says Robin Pascoe, VP Corporate Communications and Social Impact for Maple Bear Global Schools. This is the title of an article on Mapple Bear’s Blog.

Opposite of the empathy preconized by Mapple Bear site and ethics, a group intends to install a franchise of Mapple Bear School in Rua Major Rubens Vaz, Gávea. We, residents of this street and rua Jequitiba, Gávea, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, are strongly against the installation of a Mapple Bear School in this street, as 99% of the residents endorsed in a petition requesting that the institution is not established in this location. We are not against the Mapple Bear Schools, but reject the use of Major Rubens Vaz street to install a new facility.


Some months ago, the local citizens association, AmaGavea, explained to a few investors interested in using Rua Major Rubens Vaz as a new Mapple Bear location that the street can’t support one more educational facility considering there already are three. This is a three blocks street only, mainly houses, at the foothills of Jardim Botanico Forest, and a residential street, defined as such by the law.

The traffic caused by the already existing schools generates noise, pollution and chaos, terrible traffic blockings and bringing stress for the neighbors in the surroundings during school hours. One more school, with the school vans, parent’s cars, etc, is unbearable.

The CET-Rio Unidade Gávea (Traffic Department- Gávea Unity), the DFL (License and Inspection Department) and the Superintendência da Zona Sul (South Zone Municipal Administration), all prohibited the Mapple Bear School to open in Rua Major Rubens Vaz, Gávea.

But, by insistence of the Mapple Bear’s franchise investors, an official from Rio de Janeiro Municipality came to the street in question to verify the traffic impact.

The inspection was made on January 15th, during summer school vacations. Not only the schools are closed during this time, but as well families travel, therefore it is impossible to measure the real impact of a new school in the street. If anything, the so-called inspection should be made during school days.

Adding to all the concerns, in rua Major Rubens Vaz there is a Firefighting Headquarters, which must have free access for cars to arrive and leave, and as the situation is now, it already threatens the easy flow of the fire trucks.

This is an old street, and part of it used to be residential historical sobrados (townhouses) for the workers of the textile factory that existed in Jardim Botânico.

The citizens count on the parking spots in the street, which are few, and the use by staff from the school and space for school transportation would only make the situation worse, specially considering that the firefighters from the nearby firefighting headquarters also need space to operate their vehicles in emergencies and to park firefighters cars on a daily basis.

Besides all of the above, the noise caused by students, school bells, and others would be a major inconvenience and disregard towards the people who have called this street home all of their lives. Many of them are elderly residents, as are the next door neighbors of the house where the school intended to set, who have lived in the same house for more than five decades and enjoy the quietness of their home. The operation of a school so close would be the end of their peace and privacy.

How can all of the above be called empathy?

How can a business disrespect and disregard the people surrounding it?

In Mapple Bear’s site the business highlights the value of making kids feel comfortable inside the school facilities. Should they feeling welcome in the school jeopardize the well being of the neighbors?

As well, the Mapple Bear site emphasizes the preparation of students to succeed in the world. The question is: which kind of success may be valuable, if it is achieved in disrespect to law, empathy and citizenship? Everything that is happening in the world at the moment just shows we need each other, and to be more considered toward others. This is the only way we can thrive as individuals in the world in a valuable way.

As the head of the Mapple Bear Brasil was informed of the problem and didn’t act according to the concerns of the people in the area, we turn to Mapple Bear Canada administration, to inform about the gravity of the situation and all the administrative litigations regarding the case described above.

More details may be found in

And attached there is a video of the traffic problem in the street during school days.

In hope Mapple Bear can find a better location for its operation,



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